Welcome to Nouri’s Paintings

Hi there,
My name is Nouri and I’m originally Iranian. During the mid seventies my family and I immigrated to England.

I’m a self taught artist who has always loved to paint and fiddle on any paper with my pencil. I started to paint about 25 years ago, and carried on in my free time, as much as my full time job allowed me to. During this period, I attended a 2 hour per week course for 3 months, at Sussex university to learn the finishing touches.

My paintings mainly come from my imagination, or something I see somewhere (could be anything), which I register in my mind and then paint them. Making the artworks gives me a lot of pleasure and freedom of the mind, and I hope you enjoy them too. It has always given me a light and a happy feeling.

At the moment, I split my time between living in the UK and New York.


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